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What Are Giclée Prints?

Giclée prints, also referred to as archival pigment printing, are created using modern technology and the most advanced printers available. While giclée prints were first developed in the late 1980s, they have since been applied to higher quality inkjet printing.

The high quality of these prints are so great that they are most commonly used by artists who want to reproduce their artworks for resale, while preserving the original piece. This is because the giclée prints process uses fade resistant and archival inks to create long lasting art prints. These types of prints are generally more up market because of their highly accurate reproductions and preservation qualities.

Giclée prints are perfect for fine art reproductions, photography, illustration or digital art.

What Is the Giclée Printing Process?

In French, the term giclée means “to spurt” or “to squirt”. This quite literally denotes the process of this printing style. In short, the process of creating giclée prints involves squirting or spraying dots of pigment-based ink onto high quality art paper or canvas. If necessary, the image is then colour corrected to attain the closest possible match to the original work. For further accuracy, digital information is also fine tuned to match the type of paper that the image is being printed on.

The printing process also involves the use of eight different coloured inks, rather than the usual use of four. These printers mix inks, creating a wide palette of colours to produce incredibly accurate reproductions.

The Advantages of Giclée Prints

Although these prints are costlier than conventional printing techniques, they have many significant benefits, which makes their level of quality unmatched. This includes:

1. Highly Accurate Reproductions:

Most people choose giclée prints because of their level of detail. These prints capture the detail of each brushstroke, rich colours and the finest detail of original artworks. As no screen devices are used, there is also no visible dot screening. This gives the image all the tonalities of the original painting with no flaws. Secondly, you can change these images to almost any size and onto different types of media, without losing quality.

2. Preservation Qualities:

One of the biggest advantages of giclée prints is that on top of their detail, this quality will not deteriorate over time. This is unlike other conventional printing types, with these prints lasting up to 200 years if cared for properly.

3. Smudgeproof and Waterproof:

Giclée prints are smudge-proof and waterproof. They can also be varnished with UV protective substances, which imitate brushwork textures and give the feel of a real painting. These varnishes additionally increase durability and richness of colours.

Is a Giclée Print Right for Me?

Whether you decide on this method depends on the longevity and detail you want for your print. This is the ideal print if you are looking to almost exactly replicate the finest detail of the original piece. If high quality is worth the extra cost for you, then giclée prints are the right choice.

In the end, the choice of a print comes down to your tastes, personal preferences and aesthetic needs. If you are still trying to decide whether it is the right selection for you, please contact us for further information.

How Should I Care for my Giclée Print?

You should care for your giclée print in the same way that you would treat any original piece of art. This includes:

  • Avoiding physical contact with the print surface
  • Only using acid free and archival materials to contact the front/back of the print
  • Framing under glass or acrylic to provide protection from UV light
  • Avoiding placement near direct sunlight
  • Avoiding excessive temperatures

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