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We Offer a Large Range of Canvas Prints

At Mahoneys Prints Online, we use a blend of cotton and polyester for our canvases. This is regarded as the the most modern, high quality fabric to use for canvases because it gets the benefits from both materials. The combination of cotton and polyester makes for a sturdier and stronger material, while still being affordable. The blend of cotton and polyester is water resistant, smooth and durable. It is also more Ultra Violet (UV) resistant than other materials.

Unlike other companies, we offer a various amount of sizes. This ensures that our customers have the perfect fit for their room and living space. We also offer canvas stretching, meaning that your canvas roll will be stretched over a frame. If you’re looking for long lasting preservation or framing, then we suggest getting your canvas stretched.

If your canvas has been stretched, then we also offer floater box frames. This is a box shaped frame that is attached with a gap of ¼ inches to ½ an inch. The gap gives it the appearance that the canvas in floating in the middle of the frame, creating a modern and contemporary design.

What are The Advantages of Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are significantly less expensive than traditional frames and modern mounting options. They are particularly cheaper if you decide to go without stretching or framing.

As well as being affordable, our canvas prints also have a range of other benefits compared to traditional printing techniques. Most of all, they give the appearance of an original artwork and professional image. Because canvas paintings have less gloss sheen than other prints, the viewers will solely focus on the detail in the photo without distraction. Their traditional appearance also works well with almost any interior décor. As opposed to conventional prints, canvas prints also stand out due to their three dimensionality, adding interest to any type of living space.

Our canvas prints are treated to be protected against UV light, fading and dust, which means they don’t require the same level of protection as other prints, and do not require framing. Whether you decide to get your canvas print frames depends on the look you are going for. If you like the minimalist style of an unframed canvas, then it can bring a wealth of style to your interior. Otherwise, getting a canvas print framed can provide a finished and clean aesthetic.

Due to their level of protection, you can also hang canvas prints in sunny or humid areas, unlike other printing types.

Is a Canvas Print Right for You?

As discussed, canvas prints can transform the appearance of your living space. These prints offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Professional and high-end appearance
  • Three dimensional appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Can be placed in sunny and humid areas
  • Option to be left unframed

Whether you decide on this method depends on what image you are intending to hang and if it will suit the aesthetic of a canvas print. While the appearance is perfect photos, it can be distracting for photos. It’s important that you carefully select which photo you use for your canvas. Most of all, make sure you choose a photo that has high quality so that it fits well with the texture of canvas.

The choice of a canvas print comes down to your tastes, preferences and aesthetic needs.

This printing method is renowned as a tricky process, requiring specialised knowledge and high-end equipment. Make sure you choose a company with extensive experience in canvas printing to ensure that you get a quality print and value for your money.

If you need any further help deciding whether this printing medium is for you, contact our friendly staff through our easily accessible online chat now.

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